Using the Right Technology To Create Solutions for Your Business.


Using the latest technology trends and best practices to develop top-notch solutions for your business.

RHA technology has strategically invested in research and learning to keep up with today's disruptive technology landscape. Our expertise spans across a wide range of languages, platforms, frameworks, and data storage solutions. We leverage our technology-agnostic approach to create the right solution and services for our clients to address their challenges and help them achieve their goals.

We help customers navigate from legacy systems to prevalent cutting edge agile technologies and increase their IT strategy effectiveness. We also continuously extend our technology services through a robust ecosystem by collaborating with market leaders and innovators.

Technologies We Have Experience with

Our strong passion to modern tech trends and best practices drive in the development of top-notch solutions that are perfectly tailored to provide high quality and affordable software outsourcing solutions to growing startup and enterprise companies in the world.

Backend Development Services

We work with wide range of programming languages like NodeJS, Java, Python for building Microservices based scalable back-end platforms.

Frontend Development Services

We use JavaScript along with HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS to build web and mobile Apps. We have extensive experience with wide array of JS frameworks like Next js, React js, React Native, Angular, Vue js, Electron


We leverage frameworks like Spring, Redux, Flask, Django, NEST Js for faster development and implement best coding practices.


Based on the use case and data architecture, we utilize different database technologies like MySQL, PostgreSQL, mongoDB, elasticsearch, redis, neo4j


We have extensive experience in developing applications using native (Swift, Kotlin) and hybrid (React Native, Flutter) technologies for mobile and tablets.

Cloud & DevOps

Enhancing the strength and security of firewalls to protect online data from malicious sources.

Data & Analytics

Spark, Hadoop, Keras, Tenser-Flow, PyTorch, PySpark, Kafka

Customer Experience Platforms

Drupal, Wordpress, WooCommerce

Leverage our technology-agnostic approach

The Right Technology
To Transform Your Business

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